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Clips and videos

Freeman's Mind: Episode 30 (Half-Life Machinima)

Freeman's Mind: Episode 31 (Half-Life Machinima)

Freeman's Mind: Episode 32 (Half-Life Machinima)

Freeman's Mind: Episode 33 (Half-Life Machinima)

Freeman's Mind: Episode 34 (Half-Life Machinima)

Freeman's Mind: Episode 35 (Half-Life Machinima)

Freeman's Mind: Episode 0 (Half-Life Machinima)

Freeman's Mind - Episode 1 (Half-Life Machinima)

Freeman's Mind - Episode 2 (Half-Life Machinima)

Freeman's Mind - Episode 3 (Half-Life Machinima)

Freeman's Mind - Episode 4 (Half-Life Machinima)

Freeman's Mind - Episode 5 (Half-Life Machinima)
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   We are pleased to present its collection of clips (Clips), which are divided into the following categories:
- Selected clips ("Favorite clips") - an extensive collection of videos that are worth seeing. Awesome AMV, videos to games (as the first official trailer of Diablo 2), the funniest commercials and much more!
- Funny videos ("Funny clips") - funny clips that have not gone in my folder "Selected":)
- Animated and flash videos ("Animated and flash clips") - what is clear:) Maybe everyone likes to send funny flash video of a loved one.
- Trailers ("Trailers") - commercials movies.
- AMV - so nare1enite, they are amateur (fan) handmade (installed) videos with background music. Most often they are very strong and worth watching.